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So what's on your mind?

Like many of us, there is a lot on your mind.  You probably have a lot going on and having a lot isn't so bad until you can't figure out how to organize it all.  Sometimes overwhelm sets in or we begin to second guess ourselves.  We spin our wheels until we settle on doing nothing because we are stuck.  During these times, a coach can help. 

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client established to help the client to realize their full potential.  Coaches support and empower clients to move toward the life they desire.  Some outcomes of coaching include increased clarity of goals, improved communication and relationships, increased self-confidence, and improved work performance.

You have so much to offer.  I can't tell you what it is, but I can help you uncover it. We will do it together.  Identify and walk in your values.  Live a life that serves you and others.  Conquer your fears.  Tap into your gifts and achieve your goals.

Are you ready?

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Client Testimonials

"Mikka you are a true conversational genius!  You were the echo that I needed to hear myself to push beyond my unrealistic expectations and embrace the perfectly, imperfect competence that I possess.  Thank you for holding me accountable and helping me find value and purpose in where I am today.  I am so grateful for the time we spent and the invaluable insight that I gained from each session"

"Mikka is very professional, and that was beneficial when talking to her about my work issues and balancing life with working on my Ph.D.  Our weekly sessions were tailored to my schedule, and she followed up on my weekly goals midweek, which held me accountable.  She is wise beyond her years and has a good listening ear to help you discover some truths about yourself.  I recommend her if you need a personal life coach who does not push their own goals on you but listens to you to help you identify the best method of reaching your goals."

Annie L., Ph D

Shameka Corso

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